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This blog post is a part of Design Blogger Competition organized by CGTrader


Toda a gente sabe que cestas são a maior trend do verão, e pode ser usada com todos os estilos de roupa, mas este esta é a minha forma preferida: com roupa super super casual e para andar no dia a dia.

E um nadinha sobre a cesta em si, encontrei-a numa mini loja de comércio local ao pé de onde eu vivo, e adorei as cores! Vou tentar encontrar um link parecido no Etsy – que pelos vistos é onde eu encontro cestas parecidas com as minhas! – porque duvido que consiga encontrá-la em alguma loja conhecida!

Para esclarecer um bocadinho o título, uma empresa chamada CGTrader contactou-me há uns meses para escrever um post para uma competição com o título Designing for the future: trends we need to be considering now; como é uma empresa internacional, a entrada está escrita em inglês, se quiserem ler, eu acho que é um tema super giro e mais inesperado que prever trends normais e superficiais!

Hello! I can’t stress enough how straw bags are such a trend at the moment, with ANY type of clothing. However, this is how I like to wear them: with a complete casual style! I found this one at a local shop, and it’s actually handmade, but what I really really love about it is the pattern and the colours – because, of course, I have a couple of basic ones – they’re so unusual the fashion blogs and pictures I’ve seen, but really traditional.

This brings me to the next point of this post, and one you might be asking yourself about: the “blogger competition” in the title.

A few months ago, I received an e-mail asking if I was interested in joining a blogger competition organised by CGTrader (link here), titled Designing for the future: trends we need to be considering now. I admit, I was very intrigued by the concept, but confused on how I would apply it to fashion (my blog subject) without keeping it superficial as “we will be using midi skirts next season”; that’s when an ideia came to my mind, and that’s why I associated this post, with these pictures, with the competition at hand.

More and more I’ve noticed that fashion is going back to the roots, so to speak: more and more trends are based on influencers, and it’s a global effect, so a lot of times new items we’re using are inspired by a part of the world, where the most famous influencers are from. Independently of the reason for this, I think we might be seeing traditional trends a lot more often, such as – pictures as an example – straw bags. When I first got to my grandmother’s house wearing a straw basket – this one actually! – she said “oh, I remember taking my lunch in one of those when I was young!” and I researched it and Portugal even has a traditional straw bag, from Alentejo, which is still used a lot there; moreover, as I’ve said before, I found this bag in a small local shop!

There are other examples of trends such as this one: from Portugal as well, Corações de Viana; the Klomp-inspired wooden shoes from the Netherlands a few seasons ago; ruffles and Sevillana-inspired designs from Spain;  straw hats Gondoliere-inspired from Italy; slipper-style shoes from Morocco; even embroidery! These are all pieces we consider “trendy”, but are inspired by local traditions, and from all over the world!

Objectively, what I’m saying is, in terms of fashion, I’m really excited to actually get to know other countries’ fashion incorporated with the contemporary trends we all know, as this traditional trend is, in my opinion, a huge part of the future of fashion design.

So let’s take a moment to consider what this will do, to a small extent of course, to the general fashion retailers. If you search “straw bag” – let’s use this as an example, but this is for any of the trend mentioned above! – and try to find any bag that’s not owned by the majority of girls right now, the link you find more useful is probably Etsy; the same goes for blogger links! What I mean is, more and more I’m finding trendy pieces on small business websites like Etsy, and that’s because it sells handmade, very traditional products! But the question is: should there be any other place we could buy them? Wouldn’t mass production change the tradition look we are actually going for?

All in all, going traditional is so far from the predicted futuristic fashion style we are used to seeing in the movies, magazines, etc., that it’s actually a trend that brings a very refreshing perspective of what’s coming in terms of fashion design, and that’s why, for me, this is an unexpected entry to a Future Design theme discussion. I’m excited to see other entries in this competition, to see how many people looked back before looking forward and, of course, all the new, exciting ideas!

What I’m Wearing:

  • Cesta (straw bag) – comércio local, similar ETSY
  • T-shirtBershka
  • Calções de ganga (jean shorts) – Pull&Bear, similar na Zara
  • SlidesH&M

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